Tantrums and Tiara’s

Ask the child why it is born; ask the flower why it blossoms; ask the sun why it shines. I love you because I must love you.
– George P. Upton

The Date

The date will be the 5th of July, 2011. This is a Tuesday, and it is this date for several reasons. 2011 is to obviously allow us enough planning and saving time and for all you lot to have enough time to book this date free, we went with July as it’s in the summer Holidays, making it easier for the silly number of teachers in my family who would otherwise struggle to get the day off, and because, fingers crossed, the weather should be nice then. We choose the 5th as it became our date, without us actually realizing. Our relationship is decorated with tiny, pointless but yet kinda cool coincidences, for example: Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books, I was re-reading it in the airport on the 5th of March waiting for my plane over to see Aaron, two weeks ago I found out the movie will be released on no other date but the 5th of March. Likewise, I met Aaron on the 5th of March, despite having known him quite some time before this. I then moved over there on the 5th of April, and then moved back here on the 5th of June. None of this was planned, that is just the way the cards fell, and as such I think it is only right we continue this and get married on the 5th.  So there you go folks. Keep it free.

The Venue

We will be holding both the Service and the Reception at Lusty Beg, County Fermanagh, which is about half an hour from our house. To get to it you need to cross a bridge ff the mainland to Boa Island, then get a tiny ferry across to Lusty Beg Island. It’s an island off an Island, set in the Lough Erne. As the ‘Hotel’ is the only thing on the island its quite nice. The Hotel itself is very small, housing a bar and restaurant area and a larger events room for weddings. Surrounding this they have small Chalet’s, which are rent able small self catering wood-cabins, and they have buildings housing individual rooms, which are very nice also.  Some Pictures? I think so:

Chalet, Lusty Beg

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
– W.B. Yeats

Individual rooms

Individual rooms

We will be having a civil ceremony obviously, but more details on that when I know more and if any of it is interesting. We do face a choice that is difficult to make. To have it outside or inside. The difficulty in this is that living here, I know you cannot depend on the weather, at all. That and, I have seen where their hold their outside services and..well…I just don’t think you will all fit:

Beautiful...but tiny.

On the other hand we have the indoors option, which is the same room they use for the meal, sadly Google only gave me a picture of it set up for chow-down and not for a service, but you get the idea. Nice big stained glass window.

On nom nom

Maids, dresses, flowers and shoes!

I’m a girl. This is my favorite bit. On request from Aaron who wanted four groomsmen I have chosen four Bridesmaids; My Step-sister Kathryn, my two Cousins Emma and Louise and my bestest buddy Sherri. Which was a great choice as within a few weeks my in-box was filled with links such as ”Check this out a treasure hunt Hen Night”. I love my girls. And Sherri who gave up a day of her Christmas holiday to trudge around Belfast in the blistering cold, armed with a ton of magazine cutting’s she saved for me, to look at dresses. I also plan on going shopping with Mummy-dearest and Emma and Louise at Easter to take another look around although, within trying on three dresses with Sherri I think I found ‘It’. I know this because Sherri got all teary eyed, bless her, and I wanted my Mummy. But I am saying no more on this other than: I LOVE IT, IT’S BEAUTIFUL.

Flowers! This one part was not negotiable. This is the part I have known for years was always going to be what it is, and as such it has set the color scheme. I was very close to my Grandparents on my Mum’s side, heart-breakingly they both passed away within a year of each other when I was 12/13.  At my Nana’s funeral I put a deep red rose on her coffin, and at my Papa’s, I put a White Calla Lilly, the single petaled one. As such, my wedding flowers are going to be deep red roses and white lillies, this is my way of having them there. I’m not sure on the shape of the bouquet yet but it will be something like this, for those of you who want to dress to match the theme:


As such, my Bridesmaids are going to be in a dark red/Burgundy color. This I had all planned out, it was only when I started looking into wedding magazines etc that I realized all the other things needed, such as shoes, lingerie, Jewelery etc. But these are all trifling and actually rather dull topic’s, so I won’t bore you with them.

To keep your marriage brimming,
With love in the wedding cup,
Whenever you’re wrong, admit it;
Whenever you’re right, shut up.
– Ogden Nash

Food, Pictures and Dancing.

Food, I have not yet decided, but it will be yummy. Photographer is one of the things I am struggling with as I have been looking through all the local photographers, and can’t shake the constant thought ”I could do it better”. Which is horrible and leaves me in a pickle without a photographer who will do a job as well as I want it done, knowing the field. This one is going to take more research. There is one I found that I liked, but he is from Dublin and VERY expensive. Bad times.

And then we have the biggest crux of the entire thing. I have almost everything sorted. Invitations, table favors, guest lists, guest books, flowers, table center’s, hair, make up, dresses, accessories. Everything. Except the Music. Now, in saying this I know I want a DJ, as only they could provide the varied music we want, but we need to find one who charges by the hour and doesn’t just come in, play four hours and bugger off. I want to make the most of my party. This should not be all that hard. The hard part is the first dance. I have already picked a second dance song for my Daddy and me, but the first dance one is plaguing my waking moments. Note to younger generations, Don’t marry a Metallica fan. Not that I have anything against rock or metal, at all, I just…don’t want to have my first dance with my new husband on my wedding day to noisy screamy heavy metal. This however has yet to be decided and I like all you lot, await eagerly his blog post on wedding songs.

We come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
– Sam Keen

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  1. Katie, it all looks really lovely – what a beautiful location!

    With regards to your first song, you could do what Ben and I did at our wedding reception and perform a well-practised (well, OK, two days worth) recital of ‘Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia… a’la Karaoke for the Deaf (see here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrVNermSk_A )


  2. Seconded. Looks truly wonderful, romantic, and story book like. It should prove to be a magical and special day for you both – and the coincidental dates makes it all worthwhile.

    Very cool.

  3. While Lusty Beg sounds an incredibly appropriate place to get married, Boa Island, not so much. Is it just a name, like Monster Island? ‘Cause that’s really a penisula…

    The view out over the water is great. Auxiliary people like DJs and photographers is the difficult part, you can get married without them, but if they can do a good job, it’s so much more special. Regardless of what music you pick, make sure the DJ has the song. Two of my mates from uni had to have the wrong Bryan Adams song because the DJ didn’t bring the right one.

    Also, you could compromise on the Metallica, and get an Apocalyptica version:

    They’ve done a version of Orion, too, but I think that gets a bit heavy two-thirds through.

    And I became a Dudeist priest a few weeks ago, so I can do a a Latter-Day Dudeist blessing and whatnot.

  4. That sounds absolutely lovely! I’m sure you guys will have a nice time.

    Is Aaron picking Dan Abnett, Graham McNeil, and Liono for his best men? 😛

  5. Ooo I love weddings. For me the music was the most important part and the bit I could put most effort into while my wife did flowers, drsses and the other boring girly bits.
    We asked each guest to write a song they wanted on their rsvp so everyone had at least one song to dance to. I burned my own CDs for the dinner music and basically wrote a list for the DJ dude to work to, based on the guest songs and when we wanted stuff played. It range from Lady in Red to Prodigy by way of Iron Maiden and Frank Sinatra.

    • That is a great idea! Lady in Red and Sinatra were on my list. I’m sopy like that. 🙂

  6. yeah, so am I. I only pretend to be a metal head. Glad I could be of help, it just seemed a good way of trying to keep everyone happy and getting them involved.

  7. Aw, that sounds rather fab!
    I’d volunteer my services as DJ for free, though being stuck in London, that would maybe be difficult..
    If you wanted to ship me over in a small packing crate for cheap on those “only pay tax” kinda things I’d be more than happy to help, so long as I have a sofa to sleep under, or something..
    I’m mercenary, I once did a 5-hour set for a box of tic-tacs..

  8. Awesome. I can imagine you’re hoping for good weather with a view like that.
    The inside venue looks great too. Is that a barn?
    It all looks great…
    You should check out the picture’s of the barn I’m going to have my reception in. It’s gonna look great… honestly.
    Seriously though, it looks amazing. Truly.

  9. If only I had a penny for each time I came here.. Great writing!

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