Shadow Wolves

I have been promising this for a long time. Both a blog post and this particular one. So. Let us do this. The Shadow Wolves were first mentioned in Helreach by my darling husband Aaron, where Grimaldus recalls them dying like bugs to, well, bugs. Here are what the facts tell us so far:

Chapter 5 – Fire in the sky

Page 75
Its name had been in nobler years, The Purest Intent. A strike cruiser constructed on the minor forge world of Shevilar and granted to the Shadow Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. It had been lost with all hands, captured by xenos raiders, thirty-two years before the Third War for Armageddon.

Page 76
‘Shadow Wolves’ Grimaldus cut him off. The knight’s vox-voice was harsh and mechanical, betraying no emotion. ‘The Black Templars were with them at the end.’
‘The end?’ asked Cyria Tyro
‘They fell at the battle of Varadon eleven years ago; their last companies were annihilated by the tyranid-breed xenos.’

Grimaldus closed his eyes and relished the momentary drift of focus into memory. Varadon. Blood of Dorn, it had been beautiful. No purer war had ever been fought. The enemy was endless, soulless, merciless…utterly alien, utterly hated, utterly without right to exist. The knights had tried to fight their way to join up with their brother chapter, but the enemy tide was unrelenting in its ferocity. The aliens were viciously cunning, their swarming tides of claws and flesh-hooked appendages smashing into the two Astartes forces and keeping them isolated from each other. The Wolves were there in full force. Varadon was their home world. Distress calls had been screamed into the warp by astropaths weeks before, when their fortress monastery fell to the enemy.

Grimaldus had been there at the very end. The last handful of Wolves, their blades broken and their bolters empty, has intoned the litanies of Hate into the vox-channel they shared with the Black Templars. Such a death! They chanted their bitter fury at the foes even as they were slain. Grimaldus would never, could never forget the Chapters final moment. A lone warrior, a mere battle brother, horrendously wounded and on his knees beneath the Chapters standard, keeping the banner proud and upright even as the xenos creatures tore into him.
The War Banner would never be allowed to fall while one of the Wolves yet lived.
Such a moment. Such honour. Such glory, to inspire warriors to remember your deeds for the rest of their own lives, and to fight harder in the hopes of matching such a beautiful death.


So. That is all that is written of the Shadow Wolves to date. Now let us take a look backstage and take a little clearerlook at where they came from. I am sure many of you know Aaron, I, and a few foolish friends, have a ‘Thing’ going on, where we make armies and jazz. So years back when Helreach was just a bogus layout in an Editors email, Aaron and I were having what had become a commonplace discussion in our house. The discussion of what army I was going to make. I could not decide you see. I liked the lore of X army, and the colours of J army and the nameof Z army, and it was getting very messy. I believe it was dear Jim Swallow who one night suggested I just make my own chapter, it’s what all the cool kids do.

As I am sure you all know by now, I am not a very cool kid. However I know a few cool kids, so I went to them. Namely the one I have biggest sway over and asked for his help in creating said chapter. So Aaron asked me for a list of things I liked and so the Shadow Wolves were born. I did this in a very backwards fashion, too, the lore came last, what came first was, of course, the appearance (I am a girl, I won’t deny it). I have long since been a fan of the Luna Wolves, so much so I named my nightmare of a cat, Loken. So they were one of the first thing into the mix, with the fact that I also love wolves and their symboltry and aspects.  I also loved the idea of the Night Lords and their darker aspects and fear tactics etc. So I assume that is where Shadow Wolves comes from.

In terms of style of fighting and legion orgin. I am a big lover of the Black Templars models and lore, so the Shadow Wolves, as mentioned are a brother chapter of theirs, both born of the Imperial Fist Legion. I have always thought of Black Templars as akin to Warrior Priests, these guys are similar, though were the Templars are more priestly and devoted, the Wolves are more on the warrior side. The Temples door guards, as it were. My current HQ choice is a jumppack Chaplain, and I can see them having those chained books and libarians amoung their number, those I don’t have any on mine at the moment. They also excell at defence tactics over other styles.

If I have missed anything, or you want to ask anything more, give me a shout in the comments. I likely have missed -alot-. But onto pictures.

Colour Scheme

The colours that I decided on were Sivler and Purple, though I thought at first I would do the SIlver base and purple trim, as too much purple might be garish. This is how it looked:

Note; These are all testers and not finished, highlighted etc. Just a base coat to see how it looked. I didn’t like it, there was not enough purple I reckons for it to have any affect. So I tried adding more:

But no. I didn’t like this either. So I gave up and returned to WoW. While griping to my Dutch friend Sander about how dificult it is to do Silver nice, he said; ”Why not paint them purple?”

So I did.

And this? This was it. I fell in love with it after the first model, I also fell in love with beakies and as such I am now an avid collector of beakies as I plan on equiping my entire army with them. I followed this guy with another tester, a little more polished off. Note here that he has not yet been mattvarished and is very shiney, and also, lacking a bolter. Note also; here is a hidden shout out to Trevor and Jon and the guys from the Dublin GW store, who sold me my first ever very own un opened box of Warhammer guys. As promised I built them all, this is one of them:

So this would be the technical drawing. However it took us a while to get here:

My next post is likely going to be a Games Day look back, but after that I shall do one on my army list and the begining of my first unit. I will have this first unit and all the above guys with me this weekend if anyone wants to see them or inquire in person about anything. So to more bloggage, I shall hand on heart to my best to get back on top of this now my NVQ is done, and of course if your terribly creative you can suggest me some topics or things you would like to see done here to help me along.

“Pope John Paul today confirmed his opposition to gay marriages. Said that they are unnatiral. Gay marriages are unnatural. Then he put on a pointy hat, his dress, and returned to never having sex at all.”

— Bill Maher, Politically Incorrect

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  1. Have you finished that Rhino yet? That’s going to look great with the silver trim.

    Shame you can’t make Talisman.

    See you soon,


    • I have not. It was the third layer of paint on that old test model and it was just sucking, it put me off. I have however bought a new one that I am awaiting arrival of!

  2. This is a very helpful insight into who the Shadow Wolves are/were Katie. Thanks for uploading this! I have a question in the Heraldry department, how do you designate company markings on your chapter?

    • Also, Transformers! 😀

    • I totally forgot this, and the actualy colour mix for the paint. I am clearly a retard. I have a sheet of transfers, I believe they are Ragnars company. But I designate, at the moment, a different wolf symbol per company. I will have to review this when my army grows, but I also try to choose symbols that resemble closest what that unti does. I shall add this in better detail in my next post along with the colour mix and my non-test actual guys.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Katie,

    Just thought I’d drop off a few pics of your Shadow Wolves Space Marines for you to check out. Really enjoy the concept behind them, as well as their colour scheme. Hope you enjoy them!

    First pic, is a rough equivalent of the Shadow Wolves Iconography:

    Second pic, is a Shadow Wolves Astartes in Mark VII Power Armour:

    Last, but not least is a Shadow Wolves Astartes in the good old Mark VI ‘Beakie’ armour you love so much:

    Enjoy the pics!

  4. Here’s some updated images:

    Mark VI updated (cleaned it up a bit)

    Mark VII without bolter. Now you can check out the modified (Or should I say ‘wolf-i-fied’?) Aquila on the chest.

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