Shadow Wolves II: The Thracian Caul

–Shadow Wolves II: The Thracian Caul–

 Man.I suck at blogging. But let’s not dwell on that and move swiftly onward. I was talking last time about the paint scheme of the Shadow Wolves and I stupidly forgot to tell you the actually mix I use. With a base of Liche Purple I mix in somewhere between 25-50% Warlock Purple, the resulting colour is very close to the Liche Purple but it has a lighter hint in it. The silver areas are your usual silver make up, Boltgun and Mithril. I have also introduced some gold into the scheme in places. You can see better how this looks below.

–The Thracian Caul.–

This is totally my first update or indeed my first input at all for this campaign, so it may be a long and image heavy post. My 850 point army list, which was made by butchering my 1500 point list, reads as follows;

Troops 1:

5 Man Tactical Squad

+ Sergeant (Powerfist)

+ Razorback and Twin-linked Assult Cannons and extra armour.

= 205

Troops 2:
10 Man Tactical Squad with melta-gun and missile launcher
+ Sergeant (Powerfist)

+ Rhino with extra armour.


Fast Attack:

5 Man Assult Squad

+ Sergeant (Powerfist + combat shield)


Heavy Support:

Devestator Squad (2 Lascannons, 2 Missile Launcher)

+ Sergeant (Melta bombs)

+ Razorback (Twinlinked Lascannons


Total: 855

As for progress with this, I am awaiting shipment of most of the units, I have however almost finished Troops 1.

Sergeant X

He needs some help. He is in dire need of a name and a colour for his robes/skirt thing. I cannot decide upon either thing, so any and all suggestions are welcome. I also need a name for my HQ choice a Chaplain, if you are the sort who is good with names. Also I know he doesn’t actually have a powerfist. I was going to keep them to the set up, but then some had to change for the smaller list, -and- some didn’t look as good with their points value weapons –and- I didn’t have enough power-fists of the right sides and what not. So I went for looks with the models.

Guy 2

Guy 3

Guy 4

Guy 5.

Look. Look at this guy. He is the group slacker. Totally hasn’t even got his knickers on. Psh.

Troops Choice One. I have not decided if I am going to give my Units names yet. But if I do, this is the first one. I am quite proud for a first attempt at painting.

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